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Details for PVP K90



Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

CAS NO: 9003-39-8
Molecular Formula: (C6H9NO)n
Molecular Weight: 111.143
Specification: Purity: K-value:81-97.2
Packing: 25kg per Cardboard drum
Product description:
1. Apperance: White crystalline powder 2. Standard: CP grade,EP grade, USP grade. 3. Usage: 1). Medical use: PVP-K series can be used as tablet, granules of binder, injection of cosolvent, capsule flow aid. 2). Cosmetics industry use: PVP-K series in the cosmetics industry are available to finish preparing, thickening agent, lubricant and binder, used to spray, moss, hair gel, hair fluid;In skin care products, hair dye, modifier, lipstick, shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, toothpaste, etc. 3). Textile printing and dyeing industry use: PVP-K series combined with different dye ability difference, can be used as a local stain agent and cleaner.In the process of blending PVP, make it uniform distribution in the fiber, can greatly reduce the fabric color difference after dyeing, improve the adhesion of the dye on the fabric.Get uniform color, light and heat is not easy to fade textile dyeing products, have the effect of leveling.PVP combined with different dye ability have a difference, make use of this nature, the polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber dyeing printing proof, make local reserving agent PVP are available, and get pattern is bright, clear outline of printed fabric, stain effect.
Uses: Food /Medicine /Cosmetics Industry
Synonyms: Polyvinyl pyrrolidone;Povidone;PVP;PVP-K;PVP-K17;PVP-K25;Polyvinylpyrrolidine;PVP-K30;PVP K 30;PVP-K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidone;K-30;Crospovidone;Polyinylpyrrolidone;Polyvinglpyrrolidone;PVP K30/K90;K30;PVP K30;Povidone K25 K30 K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidinone(K=90)urethane;POVIDONE K-17;
Molecular Structure: PVP K90 9003-39-8
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