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Details for Iodine



Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO: 7553-56-2;12190-71-5
EC NO: 231-442-4
Molecular Formula: I2
Molecular Weight: 253.8089
InChI: InChI=1/I2/c1-2
Product description:

Alias: iodine; Pure iodine; Iodine, the standard solution; Iodine grain 
English name: Iodine 
CAS NO: 7553-56-2; 12190-71-5 
Molecular weight: 253.8089 
EC NO: 231-442-4 
Molecular formula: I2 
Specification: import 
Packing: 50 kg/barrel 
Use level: pharmaceutical grade 
Content: 99.5 
Brand: TH 
Origin: Chile, Taiwan, Japan 
Physical and chemical properties: properties Violet black scales with metallic luster crystal or wafer. Crisp, steam are purple. With special stimulus. 
Solubility slightly soluble in water, solubility increases with temperature; Hardly soluble in sulfuric acid; Soluble in organic solvents; Iodine is soluble in chloride, bromide, More soluble in iodide solution; Soluble sulfur, selenium, ammonium and alkali metal iodide, aluminum, tin, titanium metal iodide. 

USES: mainly used in the manufacture of iodide, used to make pesticide, feed additives, dye, iodine, test, drugs, etc to make equivalent solvents, determination of iodine value, calibration of sodium thiosulfate solution concentration, solution as a disinfectant, photoengraving for iodine and thinning in liquid preparation

Synonyms: Iodine solution;Iodine crystals;Iodine,standard solution;
Molecular Structure: Iodine 7553-56-2;12190-71-5
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