2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid Inquire
CAS NO:4767-03-7;   MF:C5H10O4
DMPA 4767-03-7 for waterborne polyurethaneCAS NO.:4767-03-7Chemical...
succinic acid Inquire
CAS NO:110-15-6;   MF:C4H6O4
product line: BioXtraassay: ≥99.0%impurities :≤0.0005% Phosphor...
methylsuccinic acid Inquire
CAS NO:498-21-5;   MF:C5H8O4
Purity:99%assay:99%mp :110-115 °C(lit.)
Phenyl succinic acid Inquire
CAS NO:635-51-8;   MF:C10H8O4
Heptanedioic acid,, (±)-Phenylsuccinic acidassay:98%mp:166-168...
sebacic acid Inquire
CAS NO:111-20-6;   MF:C10H18O4
ANALYSISLIMITSPURITY, (wt.%), min.:99.5Appearance:white powder crys...
2,3-Dibromosuccinic acid Inquire
CAS NO:526-78-3;   MF:C4H2Br2O4
assay:98%mp :274 °C (subl.)
adipic acid Inquire
CAS NO:124-04-9;   MF:C6H10O4
vapor density: 5 (vs air)vapor pressure :1 mmHg ( 159.5 °C)product...
Itaconic acid Inquire
CAS NO:97-65-4;   MF:C5H6O4
Itaconic Acid chemical propertiesmp 165-168 °C(lit.)bp 268°Cdensi...
Glutaric acid Inquire
CAS NO:110-94-1;   MF:C5H8O4
assay :99%bp :200 °C/20 mmHg(lit.)mp :95-98 °C(lit.)
Hydroxyacetic acid Inquire
CAS NO:79-14-1;   MF:C2H4O3
assay:99%mp :75-80 °C(lit.)solubility: H2O: soluble50 mg/mL, clear...
Octanedioic acid Inquire
CAS NO:505-48-6;   MF:C8H14O4
assay :98%bp :230 °C/15 mmHg(lit.)mp :139-146 °C
Pimelic acid Inquire
CAS NO:111-16-0;   MF:C7H10O4
Heptanedioic acidassay: 98%bp:212 °C/10 mmHg(lit.)mp:103-10...
Azelaic acid Inquire
CAS NO:123-99-9;   MF:C9H16O4
Nonanedioic acidvapor density:6.5 (vs air)vapor pressure:<1 mmHg ( ...
malonic acid Inquire
CAS NO:141-82-2;   MF:C3H2O4
mp:132-135 °C (dec.)(lit.)bp :140℃density :1.619Fp :157°Cstor...
Hydroxyacetic acid Inquire
CAS NO:79-14-1;   MF:C2H4O3
mp :75-80 °C(lit.)bp:112 °Cdensity :1.25 g/mL at 25 °Crefractive...
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