Zhejiang Hongkun Biotechnology CO., LTD(HangzhouHongkunImport & Export CO., LTD)

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Zhejiang Hongkun Biotechnology CO., LTD(HangzhouHongkunImport & Export CO., LTD)
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About us

Zhejiang Hongkun Biotechnology Company and our subsidiary, Hangzhou Hongkun Import & Export, are located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, China. Our company is committed to providing high quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials, intermediates and dyes to the production-based industry. We are actively working with a number of chemical and pharmaceutical organizations and have partnered with Zhejiang University, Shenyang Chemical Research Institute and other scientific research institutions in collaborative efforts regarding product development and chemical process optimization.

Zhejiang Hongkun Biotechnology is dedicated to providing our domestic and international customers with exceptional products, support and customer service at highly competitive prices. Our main product line includes: active blue 198 color base, N-ethyl para ester, N-ethyl meta-ester, M acid (2,6-diaminotoluene-4-sulfonic acid), 2-amino, and 5-dibromobenzaldehyde (ambroxol hydrochloride intermediate), to name a few. With strong business relationships, a Hangzhou East Railroad Station Hub and direct access to export ports, quick and efficient product delivery can be maintained continuously.

Zhejiang Hongkun Biotechnology’s success has allowed us to expand our business operations and offerings both domestically and internationally. Please contact us for more information about our product line and services. We look forward to earning your business.

Contact us
+86-571-86637675 / 86632217/86630207
Web site:
http://www.hongkunbio.com www.hongkunchem.com
Room 604 ,A Block , Fuyi commercial center, Jianggan District ,Hangzhou City , Zhejiang Province,China (near Hangzhou East Railway Station)
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