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Sodium metabisulfite

Details for Sodium metabisulfite

Sodium metabisulfite


Food and Feed additives/Food additives

Sodium metabisulfite
CAS NO: 7681-57-4
EC NO: 231-673-0
Molecular Formula: Na2S2O5
Molecular Weight: 190.1065
InChI: InChI=1/2Na.H2O5S2/c;;1-6(2)7(3,4)5/h;;(H,1,2)(H,3,4,5)/q2*+1;/p-2
Product description:

Appearance: White or yellow crystalline powder or small crystals
Package: 25kg pp bag or 1000kg jumbo bag
Specification :

Main content(Na2S2O5 %)% ≥97
Fe% ≤0.003
Water insoluble matter % ≤0.05
heavy metal % ≤0.0005
ARSENIC % ≤0.0001
PH(5% water soluble) 4.72

Uasge: Used in organic synthesis, printing and dyeing, printing, leather, pharmaceutical and other departments;Used as preservative in food processing, bleach, bulking agent.

Synonyms: Sodium pyrosulfite;disodium disulphite;Sodium metabisulphite;Sodium disulphite;Sodium pyrosulphite;SODIUM DISULFITE;disodium oxidosulfanesulfonate oxide;Sodium Metabi;Metabisulfite Sodium;
Molecular Structure: Sodium metabisulfite 7681-57-4
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