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In the past fifty years of the history of human being, petrochemical and plastic had been involved in various kinds of materials and ready-made products, electrical appliances, constructive materials, power system, water piping system, small precise parts and packing materials were all witnessed of the fact. Coin Chemical devoted itself in various types of specialty chemicals, following the steps of the progress of petrochemical and plastic industries from local operation to global penetration had successfully and systematically spread the sales channels to the whole world.

In view of the running style of the petrochemical and plastic markets will be changed by the economic plates moved, the pressure will be build up as the undeveloped countries struggle to overtake past one another, the markets will be re-constructed and the newly-developed countries will be spurred outside Europe, U.S.A. and Japan. With their vast population, great land and abundant resources, India, Russia, China, Southern America, and Africa will become the potential markets.

We are aware that the progress of the petrochemical and plastic chemicals will be helpful to the maintenance of nature forests. Coin Chemical has dedicated to the research in toxic free and emphasize on obsoleteness recycle during processing and after consumption.

Notwithstanding the shortage of natural resources, Taiwan entrepreneurs have addicted to the spirit to strive, penetrated the markets in taking risk, displayed the powerful marketing ability, and had won the compliment from the people on earth, Coin Chemical was one of them and we were so proud that we may devoted ourselves in the history of Taiwan economic growth for more than 30 years.

International Industry Diversification becoming mature in the world, Taiwan industries receded from the primary and middle industries and then come to the era of International Industry Diversification must receive the high tech. industries derived from high-developed countries. Coin Chemical in keeping the traditional industries has to get involved in other high tech. research in the field of special materials, biotechnology and medicine.Coin Chemical in the past three years, has been keeping in touch closely with the professional research institutes in the world, and has established the long-term cooperation to enlarge the scope of R & D in business system. The separator for high capacity batteries, electronic chemicals, biochemical products all become the high value added products for Coin Chemical in the forthcoming three years.

For mass production, we start producing separators for Li-ion Batteries with annual capacity 5,000,000m2 and Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries with annual capacity of 2,000,000m2. For separators of Li-ion Battery we are among the top five in the world, and have got the approval from the domestic and foreign Li-ion Battery manufacturers, the market share have been increased.

As to nano in-organic silicic resin, we started producing with annual capacity of 5,000MT for the first year. Mass production began and we explored the market with best effort. In the third quarter of 2005, we started expanding the factory for producing of nano in-organic silicic resin with annual capacity of 50,000MT, which is a wonderful material for cement paint. In the Q2 of 2006, we believe Coin Chemical will become the important factory in Asia.

Coin Chemical is in keeping the high speed to exploit the existing and potential markets to create the productions and sales channels. Besides, to strengthen intelligent manpower system to meet the tough competition in the world has become the most important project in the coming three years.

Coin Chemical will pay endeavor for coming five years in specialty chemicals and sincerely hope that we will be in the world -level professional position in the field of specialty chemicals.

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19F-6 No.79,SEC.1,HSIN TAI WU Road,HSI-CHIH(far east world center)Taipei Hsien,Taiwan,ROC
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