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Advanced ChemTech Inc.
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About us

Advanced ChemTech provides innovative solutions in laboratory automation, chemicals and custom production services for the world's premier research organizations. The chemical product line, includes peptides, chemical libraries, amino alcohols, amino acid derivatives, linkers and resins for solid phase synthesis. Advanced ChemTech also manufactures and distributes instruments for organic and peptide chemistry. Product brands include the ActEvap parallel evaporator, the fully automated Apogee, Apex, Vantage, and Solution organic synthesizers. Advanced ChemTech provides custom synthesis, technology transfer, and process development contracting; we are committed to working in partnership with clients from discovery through production.

Since its founding in 1985, Advanced ChemTech has achieved an impressive number of historic milestones. 1985 - Advanced ChemTech founded1989 - First Multiple Peptide Synthesizer1992 - First Large Scale Peptide Synthesizer (up to 50 liters)1993 - First Synthesizer for Split and Mix Synthesis1995 - First Organic Synthesizer (featuring heating, cooling, and inert atmosphere)2000 - First Medium Pressure Synthesizer (for reactions up to 6 bar)2001 - First Fully Automated High Pressure Synthesizer for Combinatorial Catalysis Research

Advanced ChemTech's innovative products set the standard in research, process development and bulk production.

Contact us
+1 (502)969-0000
+1 (502)962-5368
Web site:
Advanced ChemTech, Inc.5609 Fern Valley Road ,Louisville KY 40228-1075 USA
KY 40228-1075
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