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Amino GmbH.
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About us
FRELLSTEDT, GERMANY (November 22, 2006) A new AMINO has emerged with the completion of a leveraged management buyout of the amino acids business of AMINO GmbH. And now the company抯 vision of becoming a leading supplier of specialty amino acids to the global marketplace is powered by the determination of its new management team. Under the terms of the buyout, the new AMINO team, led by managing director Dr. Lutz Thomas and supported by new private investors, acquires the amino acids business together with the main assets of the former AMINO GmbH. These include its production site in Frellstedt and the jobs at this location, thus making the new AMINO one of the few amino acid manufacturers in Europe. In addition, the new company retains the AMINO name. The buyout followed several months of extensive negotiations, culminating in the decision in favor of the management-led restructuring aimed at maintaining the long-term strategy and unique position of AMINO in the amino acids marketplace, with its ability to supply the highest-quality products using the best extraction and purification technology or state-of-the-art fermentation technology as appropriate. 揥e are back to focusing on our core business and more determined than ever before to become a leading supplier of specialty amino acids, thus bringing to reality the vision we began to develop through AmBio, a strategic alliance with our partners, noted Dr. Thomas. AMINO will focus completely on pharma- and infusion-grade amino acids produced under strict cGMP standards and developed from both extraction (concentrating on vegetable raw materials) technology and modern biotechnology/fermentation. The product line will include not only traditional products such as L-leucine, L-tyrosine, betaine pharma-grade (including betaine anhydrous, betaine HCI and betaine monohydrate), but also new amino acids from fermentation, including L-isoleucine, L-valine and L-threonine. In addition, the company will launch L-serine and L-phenylalanine in early 2007.揑t抯 been a long time coming, noted Dr. Thomas. 揃ut AMINO is back. And we抣l be stronger than ever.
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AMINO GmbH An der Zucker-Raffinerie 10 38373 Frellstedt Germany
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