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  • Haiyan New Century Petrification Equipment Co.,Ltd

    It is the national chemical industry profession and the Chinese petrochemistry main corporation recommends the new padding, the tower contents and the fitting product specialized production factory.

    http://www.hgtl.net   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/14713/80
  • Liaoning Liangang Pigment and Dyestuff Chemicals Co.,Ltd

    Liaoning Liangang Pigment and Dyestuff Chemicals Co.,Ltd is national hi-tech enterprise to develop and produce perylene dyes,pigments and their intermediates.

    http://www.liangangchem.com/pages/about-en.html   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/13683/1
  • Shanghai Jinsen Hydrocarbon Resins Co., Limited.

    J-insen produces hydrocarbon resin under the ESCOREZ trademark, utilizing technology licensed by EMPCH and feedstock supplied by SPC.

    http://www.sh-jinsen.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/14542/80
  • China Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd.

    China Fluorine Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-US joint-venture mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of fluorine chemicals.Our main products include Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride(AHF),industrial-use fluorhydric acid,fluorine refrigerant etc.

    http://www.chinafluorine.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/32315/37
  • Zhejiang Kinglyuan Pharmaceutical Company Limited

    the Company has become an all-around pharmaceutical enterprise which combines research & development, manufacturing, distribution and service into one.

    http://www.kinglyuan.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/16752/1
  • Hubei Youzhiyou Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Hubei Youzhiyou Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of biological pesticide, protein drug, amino acid and its derivatives.

    http://www.yzybio.com/template/abouten.htm   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/33097/5000
  • Wuxi Feipeng Imp. & Exp. (Group) Co.,Ltd.

    Wuxi Feipeng Imp. & Exp. (Group) Co.,Ltd. has 8 subsidiaries, and manufactures 9 kinds of chemicals:Acetate Salt Series,Phosphate Series,Dyestuff Intermediate Series,Inorganic Chemicals Series,Pesticide Intermediate Series,Rubber Assistant Series,Bromine Series,Pharmaceuticals Intermediates,Reactive...

    http://www.wuxifeipeng.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/35326/1
  • Mangalbhai & brothers

    Mangalbhai & Brothers established in the year 1993. Mangalbhai & Brothers has grown to become the largest manufacturer and Exporter of Extruder screens for plastic, Rubber and chemical processing machinery. HDPE/PP circular woven bags and fabrics. The company has focused on developing export as a bu...

  • Suzhou Fushilai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Mainly products include A-Lipoic Acid,Sodium Bromide,Sodium Bromate,6,8-Dichloroethyl Caprylate,MSM(Methyl Sulfonyl Methane),L-CARNOSINE etc..

    http://www.fuslai.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/16539/1
  • Wenzhou Qingming Chemical Co., Ltd.(former state-owned Wenzhou Qingming Chemical Factory)

    We produce Span and Tween food emulsifier, curing agent for epoxy resin and industrial surfactant for you.

    http://www.qmchem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/15403/80
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