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  • Sichuan Tiancai Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    The company mainly works on development, production and trade of fine chemicals; meanwhile, we provide order synthesis, consignment research, technology transfer and technical consultation for customers.

    http://www.tcjxhg.com/template/pro3-e.htm   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/37410/65
  • Tianjin Lyhai Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    http://www.lyhaichem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/50106/1
  • Zhejiang Sixian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

    Its main products are:Rifaximin,Trimethy acetaldehyde/Pivalaldehyde,Levofloxacin lactate,Rifamycin-O,Pyruvic aldehyde dimethyl acetal,Cyclic acid etc.

    http://www.sx-pharm.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/15811/50
  • Hangzhou Gangjin Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Hangzhou Gangjin Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city-Hangzhou. It was established in 1996. We are one of the leading suppliers of chemicals in China, specializing in developing and making bentonite products and fine chemicals,owing production base.

    http://www.gangjin.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/13594/A1
  • WuQiao DaPeng Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd.

    We, WuQiao DaPeng Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd. (DPCHEM) have been devoting ourselves to the business as a professional XYLIDINE series manufacturer since 1998. Our slogan is “Better quality and service with lower price.” DPCHEM was inherited from ZheJiang YiMin Pharm&Chem. Co., Ltd, which founded i...

  • Hebei Daming Taifeng Co.,Ltd.

    Main products as Sulfur dioxide carbamide, Formamidinesulnic acid, Thiourea dioxide etc...

    http://www.taifengchem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/14938/80
  • Shanghai Jinsen Hydrocarbon Resins Co., Limited.

    J-insen produces hydrocarbon resin under the ESCOREZ trademark, utilizing technology licensed by EMPCH and feedstock supplied by SPC.

    http://www.sh-jinsen.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/14542/80
  • Shanghai Zabchem Co.,Ltd.

    Zabchem is a chemical company founded in the shanghai Xinzhuang industrial Zone, we are dedicated to the R&D, production and marketing of chemicals for pharmaceutical and special chemical industry.

    http://www.zabchem.cn   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/35811/5000

    Anhui Huaye Chemical Co.,Ltd. occupies a total area of 40,000 square meters. It owns a fixed assets of 12 million yuan and a total assets of 30 million yuan. Main products include aroma and all kinds of intermediates(medicine, pesticide, dyes).Our company owns powerful research group for products. W...

    http://www.ahhychem.com.cn   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/15917/1
  • Water Chemical Co.,ltd.

    Rely on independent research and development, the president Ms Yao developed high quaility Glycolic Acid.

    http://www.water-chemical.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/32787/1
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