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Epoxy Modified Silicone Resin Emulsion

  Post Date: Oct 25,2021
  Expiry Date: Apr 23,2022
  Detailed Description: Product Name: Epoxy Modified Silicone Resin Emulsion
Item No.: SilibaseSR-6607
Performance and Use:
SilibaseSR-6607 Epoxy Modified Silicone Resin Emulsion is a non-ionic, epoxy-modified methylphenyl silicone resin emulsion widely used in heat resistant industrial coatings. Excellent high temperature resistance and salt spray resistance, varnish temperature resistance up to 300℃, color paint up to 500℃, and very good compatibility with organic resins, can be combined with aqueous curing agent to achieve better room temperature to dry And can be diluted in unlimited water, in line with environmental regulations.
Main Specifications of SilibaseSR-6607 Epoxy Modified Silicone Resin Emulsion:
● Exterior: Milky white liquid
● Viscosity Brookfield 2# 50rpm, mpas: 100-300
● Solid content (150℃,2h),%: 50±2
● Epoxy Value (effective solid content): 0.06-0.16
Recommended Applications:
A wide range of industrial heat-resistant paint applications, especially for industries that require salt spray resistance, such as ship steam pipes.
Packaging and Storage:
It is generally packed in 200kg and 50kg plastic drums; it is sealed and stored in a cool and dry environment at 5~36℃. The shelf life is generally 12 months from the date of production.
Construction Reference:
It is recommended to prepare water-based resin-free color paste and use it together with resin emulsion. When compounding organic resin (such as water-based polyamide curing agent), it is necessary to screen the compatibility of the two, especially in varnish application. Medium; resin emulsion has good room temperature self-drying, can give the initial protection and transportability of the workpiece. Performance; but if you want to get more excellent heat resistance and physical and mechanical properties, it is recommended 200-280℃ Completely cured at 15-60 min, preferably 250℃ for 30 min or 280℃ for 15 min.

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