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Gum Rosin, Colophony,yellow resin,abietic anhydride

  Post Date: Sep 12,2016
  Expiry Date: Sep 12,2017
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :8050-09-7 Payment Method: jo@fj-xinyi.com
Pale yellow to amber, translucent
fragments; brittle fracture at
ordinary temp; slight turpentine
odor and taste. Readily fusible
when heated. d 1.07-1.09. Acid
no. not less than 150. Insol in
water. Freely sol in alc,
benzene, ether, gl
Risk Phrase(s):24-37
Safety Phrase(s):43
can be used :Manuf varnishes,
varnish and paint driers,
printing inks, cements, soap,
sealing wax, wood polishes, floor
coverings, paper, plastics,
fireworks, tree wax, sizes, rosin
oil; for water-proofing
cardboard, walls, etc.
Pharmaceutic aid (stiffening
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  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;Disproportionated rosin;Colophony;Pine rosin;Rosin;Rosin Solder Flux Fume;Wood rosin;(4aR)-7-isopropyl-1,4a-dimethyl-2,3,4,4b,5,6,10,10a-octahydrophenanthrene-1-carboxylic acid;
  Molecular Formula: C20H30O2
  Molecular Weight: 302.451
  Molecular Structure: 8050-09-7 gum rosin

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