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  Post Date: Jan 31,2023
  Expiry Date: Jul 30,2023
  Detailed Description: Specs:Methylnaphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensat
   Appearance: Black brown powder
   Compose: Methylnaphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate
   Ion type: Negative ion
   Solubility: Easy dissolve in water
2The main technic standard
PH value (1% water-solution)
Cement slurry fluidity,    mm
Content of sodium sulfate,    (%)    ≤
3Performance and use
1. Mixes the quantity for the cement weight 0.5 - 1%, efficiency of reduces water can be reach 16 - 20%.
2. In the same cement situation, mixes into SPN to be possible initial to make the concrete slump to enhance above 10cm.
3. When is suitable mixes the quantity, may cause the intensity of mortar and concrete enhances 40 - 70% for one day or three day , 28 days intensities enhances 20 - 70%, the long-term intensity also has the corresponding enhancement.
4. When the concrete intensity and slump basic is same, may compare does not mix reduces water agent the concrete reduction cement content 15- 20%.
5. Mixes into SPN to be possible greatly to improve the amalgamation of concrete, improves and enhances the concrete component each mechanics performance, causes the component the resistivity, the elasticity coefficient and the long-term intensity all have the corresponding enhancement.
6. SPN is very broad to the concrete project applicable scope, but has the difference to the different cement compatibility.
4Packing:25KG Woven bag with plastic liner
5Innocuity, noninflammable, nonexplosive

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