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Silicone RTV Foam

  Post Date: Aug 15,2022
  Expiry Date: Aug 15,2023
  Detailed Description: Features
◆ Curing at room temperature
◆ Low density after curing
◆ Non-corrosive
◆ High and low temperature resistance (-50℃ to 200℃)
◆ Comply with RoHS environmental protection requirements
◆ Passed UL94-V0 certification

Product Usage
9300 silicone styrofoam is suitable for industrial potting in low-density applications: home appliance industry, automotive potting, electronic sealing,
Cushioning and damping absorption

Performance parameter
Item Unit Typical Value

Before curing

A Appearance Black liquid
Viscosity mPa.s 5500
Specific Gravity at 25°C g/cm3 1.1

B Appearance Off-white liquid
Viscosity mPa.s 6000
Specific Gravity at 25°C g/cm3 1.1

Curing process The mixing ratio Mass ratio 1:1
Operating time Min 3
Surface drying time Min 30

After curing Specific Gravity at 25°C 0.3
Thermal Conductivity W/m·K 0.1
Volume Resistivity ohm·cm 3×1015
Breakdown voltage kV/mm 7.0
Dielectric Constant, 100 H 2.0
Packing specification
Using ordinary packaging is 20kg/drum
Or according to the customer's specified packaging
Storage conditions and shelf life
Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
The unopened 9300 silicone styrofoam product has a storage period of 6 months at 28°C from the date of production.

◆ Surface treatment
The surface of all substrates must be clean and dry, free of dust, greasy, and any other effects that affect the normal curing and adhesion of the product Knotted substance. Usable cleaning solvents include alcohol, acetone, etc.
◆ Premix preparation
Open the package of A and B components and use manual or mechanical stirring to premix to avoid performance changes caused by filler sedimentation.
◆ Mixed
Weigh the two components in a 1:1 weight ratio and place them in a clean container. It is strongly recommended to use a robot device or dynamic mixing
The equipment glues evenly within 30 seconds. The mixing method and degree will seriously affect the foam structure, density and finished product quality.
◆ Perfusion
Place the mixed product into the device that needs to be protected quickly.
◆ Curing
Let the potting glue be at room temperature, and the curing speed will increase with the increase of temperature

◆ The potting glue will partially settle during storage. Therefore, when using, stir up the bottom and mix it evenly with the top floating oil.
Avoid performance changes caused by uneven mixing.
◆ After the components A and B of this product are mixed, a chemical reaction will occur immediately, producing flammable hydrogen. Special attention is required.
Provide adequate ventilation to prevent hydrogen accumulation. When processing, discarding or storing B-component products, it must be marked
Warning information: For example, it should not be sealed in plastic bags or not allowed to accumulate in large amounts, etc.
◆ Some compounds may cause the poisoning of the catalyst in the silica gel, resulting in prolonged curing time of the contact part, or even unable to cure.
For example: residual rosin and lead-containing solder, natural rubber and synthetic rubber vulcanized with sulfur, catalyzed by metal salts such as tin salt
Silicone rubber, tin salt as a stabilizer, PVC, amine catalyzed epoxy resin, certain polyurethane elastomers, other
Certain substances containing amine, sulfur, phosphorus, alkenyl, and alkynyl groups.
◆ Please refer to the product MSDS for safety information.

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