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carboxymethylcellulose sodium

  Post Date: May 29,2015
  Expiry Date: Jul 28,2015
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :9000-11-7;177317-30-5;191616-54-3;196886-89-2;204336-41-4 Specifications
cmc! carboxymethylcellulose sodium food grade
1.PACKAGE: kraft paper bags in PE liner
2.H.S. Code:39123100
Case Number: 9000-11-7
cmc! carboxymethylcellulose sodium food grade
Food grade CMC: Food grade CMC is widely used in Food Industry as thickener, stabilizer, moisture sustainer and emulsifier to improve taste. It is used in making yoghurt, beverage, jelly, syrup, cookies, instant noodles and inebriant.
1.Liquid beverage: Adding Food Grade CMC into Liquid Beverage can suspend particles evenly, fresh the color, and extend shelf life.
2.Lactic acid beverage: Adding anti-acid CMC can stabilize the solution, prevent precipitation, improve mouth feel, increase quality and thermal stable.
Milk: mainly for soy milk, peanut milk, almond milk, etc. Adding food grade CMC can suspend, emulsify, stabilize the product, avoid fatty particles build up as well as whiten, sweeten and remove soy odor.
3.Frozen foods (ice cream): Adding CMC into frozen foods can reduce crystals, anti-thawing, smooth mouth feel, increase whiteness, enlarge volume, etc.
4.Wheat foods: CMC in bread can make the bread homogeneous micro-corn (e.g. honeycomb-like texture) enlarge volume, decrease crumb falling, prevent collapse and maintain fresh and moisture. The use of CMC in noodles/instant noodles can enhance toughness, maintain length, improve fine and smooth mouth feel, save edible oil, and lower cost.
5.Biscuit, Pancake and Moon-cake: In the production of biscuit and pancake, adding CMC into wheat flour can adjust flour flexibility, improve texture, build better shape, avoid breakage, smooth and brighten cake surface, improve crispy, taste and mouth feel.
For moonquake application ,mixing CMC into the cake crust and cake-filling or spraying CMC solution onto the cake surface can inhibit molding, maintain moisture to keep soft, extend shelf life, improve outface ineness. Also make cake-filling soft, delicious as well as extend shelf life.
6.Sauces & topping: CMC is suitable for sauce and toppings such as peanut sauce, sesame paste, almond sauce and mixed congee, etc. As the basic substance of sauce, CMC has the advantages of good solubility in cold or boiled water, good smooth taste. Moreover, it can improve taste caused by artificial sweetener. CMC also has much better stability than starch.
Type Degree of Substitution Viscosity (2% aqueous solution) mpas PH Value Chloride
(cl, %) ≤ Loss on Drying
(%) ≤ Fe(%)≤ As(%)≤ Ps(%)≤ Heavy Metal (Pb,%)≤ Acid sticky ratio
AVR Gel particles (a/cm2)
FH9 ≥0.90 200-500 6.0-8.5 1.2 10.0 0.02 0.0002 0.0005 0.0015 ≥0.82 ≤10
FM9 ≥0.90 400-2000 6.0-8.5 1.2 10.0 0.02 0.0002 0.0005 0.0015 ≥0.82 ≤10
FVH9 ≥0.90 ≥500 6.0-8.5 1.2 10.0 0.02 0.0002 0.0005 0.0015 ≥0.82 -
FH6 ≥0.60 200-500 6.0-8.5 1.2 10.0 0.02 0.0002 0.0005 0.0015 - -
FM6 ≥0.60 400-2000 6.0-8.5 1.2 10.0 0.02 0.0002 0.0005 0.0015 - -
FVH6 ≥0.60 ≥500 6.0-8.5 1.2 10.0 0.02 0.0002 0.0005 0.0015 - -

  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;carboxy-methyl cellulose;carboxymethyl cellulose;cellulose carboxymethyl ether;cmc-4lf;carbose;carboximethylcellulosum;carboxymethyl cellulose ether;carboxymethylated cellulose pulp;carboxymethylcellulose;carboxymethylcellulosum;carmellose;carmellosum;carmelosa;cellulose gum 7h;cellulose carboxymethylate;cellulose, (carboxymethyl);cellulose, ether with glycolic acid;celluloseglycolic acid;colloresine;croscarmellose;croscarmellosum;cm-cellulose;FEMA No. 2239;Duodcel;Glycocel TA;hexose - acetic acid (1:1);Carboxyl methyl Cellulose;
  Molecular Formula: C8H16O8
  Molecular Weight: 240.206
  Molecular Structure: 9000-11-7;177317-30-5;191616-54-3;196886-89-2;204336-41-4 Cellulose CM

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