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Aluminum Nitride

About Aluminum Nitride

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Aluminum Nitride

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Aluminum Nitride


Aluminium nitride; Aluminum nitride (AlN); nitridoaluminum; aluminum nitrogen(-3) anion



EINECS: 246-140-8
Molecular Weight: 40.9882
Molecular Formula: AlN
Water Solubility: MAY DECOMPOSE
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R36/37/38;     Details
Safety Description:
 S26;S37/39; Details
Aluminum Nitride

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ITOCHU Specialty Chemicals, Inc   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: 660 White Plains Road, Suite 340, Tarrytown, NY 10591 - USA Other products:
Telephone: 914.333.7800
Fax: 914.333.7848
Web Site: www.itochu-sc.comsvc/serv00219544

San Jose Delta Ceramic Group   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: 482 Sapena Court,Santa Clara, California 95054 Other products:
Telephone: 408/727-1448
Fax: 408/727-6019
Web Site: www.sanjosedelta.comsvc/serv00724908

CERCOM INC.   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: 991 Park Center Drive Vista, CA, U.S.A. Other products:
Telephone: 760- 727-6200
Fax: 760-727-6209
Web Site: svc/serv00725016

Small Precision Tools, Inc.   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: 1330 Clegg St. Petaluma, CA USA Other products:
Telephone: 1-800-346-4927- 612
Fax: 707-778-2271
Web Site: svc/serv00725046

Precision Ferrites & Ceramics Inc   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: 5432 Production Drive, Huntington Beach Other products:
Telephone: 877-560-5555
Fax: 714-901-2008
Web Site: www.semiceramic.comsvc/serv00725048

Ceradyne,Inc.   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: 3169 Redhill Avenue Costa Mesa,CA 92626 USA Other products:
Telephone: 714-549-0421
Fax: 714-549-5787
Web Site: www.ceradyne.comsvc/serv00725063

Plasma Processes, Inc.   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: 4914 Moores Mill Road Huntsville, Alabama Other products:
Telephone: 256-851-7653
Fax: 256-859-4134
Web Site: www.plasmapros.comsvc/serv00725318

Kowa Europe GmbH   Enquiry for Aluminium nitride

Address: Immermannstrasse 65A, Dusseldorf Other products:
Telephone: 49-211-1793540
Fax: 49-211-1619 52
Web Site: www.kowa-europe.comsvc/serv00825928

Sintec Keramik Ltd.   Enquiry for Aluminium nitride

Address: Lake Road, Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, South Wales Other products:
Telephone: 44-1633-636500
Fax: 44-1633-636501
Web Site: www.sintec-keramik.desvc/serv00826264

Atlantic Equipment Engineers, a division of Micron Metals Inc.   Enquiry for Aluminum Nitride

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 1 800 486-2436
Fax: 1 201 387-0291
Web Site: www.micronmetals.comsvc/serv01129378
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