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Calcium bromide anhydrous [Br2Ca]

About Calcium bromide anhydrous [Br2Ca]

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Calcium bromide anhydrous [Br2Ca]

Product Name:

Calcium bromide anhydrous


Calciumbromidehydratewhitepowder; CalciumbromideultradrymetalsbasisoxideHOOHpp; Calcium bromide; calcium dibromide



EINECS: 232-164-6
Molecular Weight: 199.886
Molecular Formula: Br2Ca
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R38;     Details
Safety Description:
 S22;S24/25; Details
Calcium bromide anhydrous [Br<sub>2</sub>Ca]

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Magnesia GmbH   Enquiry for Calcium bromide

Address: Max-Jenne-Strath 2-4 Industrial Area Ost, Ost, Ost Other products:

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Telephone: 49413187100
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Web Site: www.magnesia.dehg/cus45441

McSIVAG INDIA GROUP   Enquiry for Calcium Bromide

Address: Floor No :3, Office No: 2,GK Tower, Dwaraka Nagar,Visakhapatanam - 530 016.Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Other products:
Telephone: +91-891-2753670, 2753671, 2753672
Fax: +91-891-2722692
Web Site: www.mcsivag.comsvc/serv0024410

Morre-Tec Industries   Enquiry for CALCIUM BROMIDE

Address: One Gary Road Union NJ07083-5527 Other products:
Telephone: 908.688.9009.
Fax: 908.688.9005
Web Site: www.morretec.com/svc/serv0125016

Dead Sea Bromine Group   Enquiry for Calcium Bromide

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 972-8-6297057
Fax: 972-8-6276076
Web Site: www.dsbg.com/svc/serv0066681

Great Western Inorganics   Enquiry for Calcium bromide

Address: 17400 Highway 72 Arvada, Colorado 80007 Other products:
Telephone: 303-423-9770
Fax: 303-423-9772
Web Site: www.greatwesterninorganics.comsvc/serv0117371

Storchem Inc.   Enquiry for CALCIUM BROMIDE

Address: 3425 Harvester Rd., Unit #213 Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3N1 Canada Other products:
Telephone: (905)639-9700
Fax: (905)639-5244
Web Site: www.storchem.on.casvc/serv0097383

Tetra Technologies, Inc.   Enquiry for CALCIUM BROMIDE

Address: PO Box 73087 Houston, TX 77273 Other products:
Zip: 73087
Telephone: 281.367.1983
Fax: 281.364.4346
Web Site: www.tetratec.comsvc/serv0098059

Icon Isotopes   Enquiry for Calcium bromide

Address: ICON SERVICES 19 Ox Bow Lane; Summit, NJ 07901 USA Other products:
Telephone: (908) 273-0449
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Web Site: www.iconisotopes.comsvc/serv03812483

PROMY International Group   Enquiry for Calcium bromide

Address: 130 Travalini Court El Sobrante, Ca 94803, Sobrante, Sobrante Other products:
Zip: 94803
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Sinobrom Ltd   Enquiry for Calcium bromide

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 0161-343 7289
Fax: 0161-343 7384
Web Site: www.sinobrom.comsvc/serv00222088
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