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C.I. 77400; C.I. Pigment Metal 2; Copper; copper coating quality balzers; Copper ingot; raney-copper ready for use; Raney-Copper; Copperpowderdendritic; CopperrodNmmdiacElectrolytic copperagcm; CoppershotNmmdia; CopperturningsN; CopperfoilNmmthickxmmwide; Copperwireclothmeshmmwidemmwiredia; Copperwiremmdia; Copperwiresreducedfromoxide; CopperpowderNmesh; Copperpowdersphericalmesh; Copperpowdermeshunderargon; CopperwireNmmdia; CopperfoilNmmthick; CoppershotNmm; Copper powder; Copper, small rods for elemental analysis; Copper (S, P); Electrolytic tough pitch copper (O); Copper (O); Continuous cast copper (O); Electrolytic copper (trace elements); Copper with added impurities (trace elements); Copper foil(99.9%); Copper wire (99.99) 0.25mm dia.; Bronze, powder; Copper wire (99.999%) 0.76mm dia.; Copper wire cloth; Copper foil (99.9985%); Copper foil(99%); Copper shot(99.9) 1-10mm; Copper shot(99.999%) 2-8mm; Copper metal foil; Copper turnings; Copper metal wire; Copper solution 1000 ppm; Copper solution 10 000 ppm; Electrolytic copper; Sponge copper; Copper nanopowder; copper(2+)



EINECS: 231-159-6
Molecular Weight: 63.5449
Molecular Formula: Cu
Melting Point(℃): 1083℃
Water Solubility: insoluble
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R11;     Details
Safety Description:
 S16; Details

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Plasma Processes, Inc.   Enquiry for Copper

Address: 4914 Moores Mill Road Huntsville, Alabama Other products:
Telephone: 256-851-7653
Fax: 256-859-4134
Web Site: www.plasmapros.comsvc/serv00725318

Electro Plating Specialties, Inc.   Enquiry for Copper

Address: 2436 American Ave. Hayward, CA 94545 USA Other products:
Telephone: 510-786-1881
Fax: 510-786-1060
Web Site: www.eps-plating.comsvc/serv00725329

John Hatcher   Enquiry for Copper

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 01394-274321
Web Site: www.fibrophos.co.uksvc/serv00925338

Southern Tool Steel, Inc.   Enquiry for COPPER

Address: 2726 Kanasita Drive Chattanooga, TN 37343 Other products:
Telephone: 888-999-1018
Fax: 423-870-7800
Web Site: www.southerntoolsteel.comsvc/serv00725391

Manica S.p.A.   Enquiry for Copper

Address: Via All'Adige, 4, Rovereto (TN Other products:
Telephone: 39-0464-433705
Fax: 39-0464-458235
Web Site: www.manica.comsvc/serv00825442

A.D. Mackay   Enquiry for Copper

Address: P.O. Box 1612 Darien, Connecticut 06820-1612 Other products:
Telephone: (203) 655-7401
Fax: (203) 655-6234
Web Site: www.admackay.comsvc/serv00925469

Galvanoquimica Mexicana, SA de CV   Enquiry for Copper

Address: Enrique R閎samen No. 706, Col. Narvarte , Mexico, D.F. Other products:
Telephone: 55-56874400
Fax: 55-55235378
Web Site: www.galvanoquimica.com.mxsvc/serv00825629

CHEMetrics, Inc.   Enquiry for Copper

Address: 4295, Catlett Road, Calverton- 20138, United States of America Other products:
Telephone: +1-540-7889026
Fax: +1-540-7884856
Web Site: www.chemetrics.comsvc/serv01025847

Shinde Chemicals   Enquiry for Copper

Address: A/16,17, Nand Jyot Industrial Estate, Saphed Pool, Kurla Andheri Road Other products:
Zip: 400069
Telephone: 91-22-56924550
Fax: 91-22-56924551
Web Site: www.shindechemicalsindia.com/svc/serv01025970

PPM Pure Metals GmbH   Enquiry for Copper powder

Address: Postfach 1263, Langelsheim Other products:
Telephone: 49-5326-507167
Fax: 49-5326-507151
Web Site: www.ppmpuremetals.desvc/serv00825992
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