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Nitrile rubber

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Nitrile rubber

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Nitrile rubber


Rubber, nitrile; Rubber, nitrile; 1312LV; 220S; 3305X; 35LM; 40IKhM; 615B; 7IRP1068-24B; 7V14; A 3003; A 727; ACN 062; AF 1001; AKN 40; Aparene N 423NS; Aparene N 553; Aparene N 553NS; Aparene N 854NS; Aparene NL 248; Arctic Nitrile; Arnipol BJLT; Arnipol BLT; B 14; B 14 (rubber); B 35; B 35 (rubber); B 6240; B 6280; BDCh 3; BJLT-M 30; BN 26NN; BN 30GK; BN 5; BN 5 (rubber); BNA 52; BNK 18; BNK 20/35; BNK 302; BNKS 18; BNKS 18A; BNKS 18AMN; BNKS 18AN; BNKS 18M; BNKS 26; BNKS 28; BNKS 28A; BNKS 28AMN; BNKS 28AN; BNKS 28ASME; BNKS 28M; BNKS 40; BNKS 40A; BNKS40AM; BNKS 40AMN; BNKS 40AN; BNKS 40M; BNSK 28AMP; BNSK 28AMPM; BNSK 28MP; Baymod N 34-52; Baymod N 3482; Baymod N-VP-KA 8641; Baymod N-XL 34.19; Bond G103; Bostik S 188-515; Breon 1001; Breon 1002; Breon 1041; Breon 1042; Breon1043; Breon 112; Breon 1512E1; Breon 1512E2; Breon 1561; Breon 1562; Breon3325; Breon 3380; Breon 3670; Breon 41; Breon N 33C50; Breon N 33H80; Breon N36C35; Breon N 36C50; Breon N 36C80; Breon N 41H80; Breon NX 775; Buna 138; Buna 198; Buna N; Buna NB 132; Buna NB 190HF; Buna NB 191; Buna NB 192; Buna NB192HF; Buna NB 196; Buna NB 196HF; Buna NWL; Butacril; Butadiene-nitrilerubber; Butakon A 4051; Butaprene N; Butatron AC 5520; Butatron AC 7030; Butofan 440D; Butofan LN 206S; CH-VI 165; CKH 40; CN 32; CRC 1008; Carom N28/120; Carom N 33/45; Carom N 38/55; Carom NBR 33/65; Carom NBR 38/65; Chemaprene 3302; Chemaprene 3309; Chemaprene N 3309; Chemigum; Chemigum 1207; Chemigum 235; Chemigum 235CHS; Chemigum 248; Chemigum 4412; Chemigum 550; Chemigum 615D; Chemigum 6271; Chemigum 6387; Chemigum HR 665; Chemigum N 206; Chemigum N 3; Chemigum N 300; Chemigum N 325; Chemigum N 328B; Chemigum N 386B; Chemigum N 5; Chemigum N 6; Chemigum N 600; Chemigum N 612A; Chemigum N 612B; Chemigum N 612B1A2; Chemigum N 615; Chemigum N 615B; Chemigum N 624B; ChemigumN 628B; Chemigum N 683B



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Zhengzhou Polymer Chemical Co., Ltd   Enquiry for Nitrile Rubber

Address: No.80 Daxue Rd., Zhengzhou, China Other products:

Natural Rubber

Styrene Butadiene ...

Nitrile Rubber

Chloroprene Rubber


Zip: 450052
Telephone: +86-371-63808889
Fax: +86-371-63808889
Web Site: www.PolymerChem.cnhg/sd36101

Joss Elastomers B.V.,   Enquiry for nitrile rubber

Address: Luttik Oudorp 11-13 1811 MT Alkmaar Other products:

styrene-butadiene ...

polybutadiene rubb...

polyisoprene rubbe...

butyl rubber

nitrile rubber

Telephone: +31-72-5157064
Web Site: www.joss.nlhg/cus30829

Chartwell International, Inc.   Enquiry for NITRILE RUBBER

Address: 100 John Dietsch Blvd., Attloboro Falls, MA 02763 Other products:






Telephone: 508-695-1690
Fax: 508-699-6693
Web Site: www.chartwellintl.comAhg/cus34576

Zeon Chemicals Europe Limited   Enquiry for Nitrile rubber

Address: 40547 Düsseldorf Other products:

Nitrile rubber

Telephone: 49021152670
Fax: 4902115267160
Web Site: www.zeon.euhg/cus49974

Reltek - BONDiT   Enquiry for B-14

Address: 2345 Circadian Way Santa Rosa, CA 95407 Other products:
Telephone: 707) 284-8808
Fax: 707) 284-8812
Web Site: www.reltekllc.comsvc/serv0134492

Intertex World Resources   Enquiry for Nitrile Rubber

Address: 4000 Embassy Parkway, Suit 205 · Akron, OH 44333-8328 Other products:
Telephone: 330-665-5533
Fax: 330-668-6610
Web Site: www.intertexworld.comsvc/serv0085064

Nitriflex S.A.   Enquiry for Nitrile Rubber

Address: Rua Tenente Negr?, 140 - 13?andar - Itaim Bibi CEP 04530-030 - S? Paulo - SP Other products:
Telephone: (11) 3049-1300
Fax: (11) 3049-1380
Web Site: www.nitriflex.com.brsvc/serv0569395

CB Frost   Enquiry for Nitrile Rubber

Address: C.B. Frost & Co. Ltd. Green Street Birmingham Other products:
Zip: B12 0NE
Telephone: +44 (0)121-773 8494
Fax: +44 (0)121-772 3584
Web Site: www.cbfrost-rubber.comsvc/serv0419879

Chartwell International   Enquiry for Nitrile Rubber

Address: 100 John Dietsch Blvd.North Attleboro, MA Other products:
Zip: 02763
Telephone: 508-695-1690
Fax: 508-699-6693
Web Site: www.chartwellintl.comsvc/serv06012801

Vinmar International, Ltd.   Enquiry for Nitrile Rubber

Address: Creative. Connected. Committed 16800 Imperial Valley Dr., Suite 499 Houston, TX 77060 Other products:
Telephone: 281-618-1300
Fax: 281-618-1399
Web Site: www.vinmar.comsvc/serv00420008
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