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Industrial Sulfanilamide; 1162 F; 4-Aminobenzenesulfonamide; gerison; gombardol; Lusil; lysococcine; neococcyl; orgaseptine; Prontalbin; prontosil albom; Prontosil album; prontosil i; prontosil white; Prontylin; pronzin album; proseptal; proseptine; proseptol; pysococcine; rubiazol a; sanamid; septamide album; septanilam; septinal; septolix; septoplex; Septoplix; stopton album; stramid; strepamide; strepsan; streptagol; streptamid; streptasol; Streptocide; Streptocid album; streptoclase; streptocom; streptol; strepton; streptosil; streptozol; streptozone; streptrocide; sulfamidyl; sulfamine; sulfana; sulfanalone; sulfanil; Sulfanilimide; sulfocidine; Sulfonamide; sulfonamide p; therapol; Vagitrol; p-aminophenylsulfonamide; p-Anilinesulfonamide; p-Sulfamidoaniline; Albexan; albosal; ambeside; Aminobenzenesulfonamide; antistrept; astreptine; astrocid; AVC; Bacteramid; bactesid; aniline-p-sulfonic amide; dipron; collomide; colsulanyde; copticide; Deseptyl; ergaseptine; erysipan; estreptocida; F 1162; fourneau 1162; sulphanilamide; Sulphanilamide crystals



EINECS: 200-563-4
Molecular Weight: 172.2
Molecular Formula: C6H8N2O2S
Density: 1.08
Melting Point(℃): 164-167℃
Water Solubility: 7.5 g/L at 25℃
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Safety Description:
 S24/25; Details

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