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Antimony(III) oxide

About Antimony(III) oxide

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Antimony(III) oxide

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Antimony(III) oxide


C.I. 77052; C.I. Pigment White 11; Antimony trioxide; diantimony trioxide; Antimonyoxideelecgrwhitepowder; Antimonyoxidepowder; dioxodistiboxane; oxoantimony; Antimony (III) oxide; ANTIMONY TRIOXDE



EINECS: 215-175-0;215-474-6
Molecular Weight: 291.517
Molecular Formula: Sb2O3
Melting Point(℃): 656℃ (subl.)
Water Solubility: Slightly soluble. <0.1 g/100 mL at 20℃
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R40;     Details
Safety Description:
 S22;S36/37; Details
Antimony(III) oxide

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Univar USA   Enquiry for Diantimony trioxide

Address: P.O. Box 34325, Seattle, Washington 98124-1325,United States, , Other products:

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Diantimony trioxid...

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Telephone: 14258893400
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United Mineral & Chemical Corp., UMC   Enquiry for Diantimony trioxide

Address: Div. of ICD Group, 1100 Valley Brook Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ, 07071-3608, USA, , Other products:

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Diantimony trioxid...

Telephone: 201-507-3300
Fax: 201-507-1506
Web Site: www.umccorp.comhg/cus49389

Voyager Company   Enquiry for Diantimony trioxide

Address: Russian Federation Other products:

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Telephone: 3433701832
Web Site: www.antimony.ruhg/cus49478

Command Chemical Corporation   Enquiry for Antimony Trioxide

Address: 2490 Black Rock Turnpike Suite# 359 Fairfield, CT. 06825-2400 Other products:
Telephone: (800)233-1550
Fax: 203-255-6648
Web Site: www.commandchemical.comsvc/serv0063816

VelcoChemicals   Enquiry for Antimony Trioxide

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 914-347-3530
Fax: 914-347-5012
Web Site: www.velcochem.com/Velco_flash.htmlsvc/serv0104530

c.p.hall.company   Enquiry for ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 1-877-4-CPHALL (1-877-427-4255).
Fax: 1-877-4-CPHALL (1-877-427-4255).
Web Site: www.cphall.comsvc/serv0156832

Chemserve Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE

Address: Uchida Bldg. 4F., 2-6, Kanda-Suda-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041, Japan Other products:
Telephone: 81-3-3251-8286
Fax: 81-3-3251-8420
Web Site: www.chemserveco.comsvc/serv0247124

Ashland Distribution Company, Composites   Enquiry for ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE

Address: PO Box 2219 Other products:
Zip: Columbus, OH 43216-2219
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Great Western Inorganics   Enquiry for Antimony (III) oxide

Address: 17400 Highway 72 Arvada, Colorado 80007 Other products:
Telephone: 303-423-9770
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Lansco Colors (Landers-Segal Color Co., Inc.)   Enquiry for ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE

Address: 305 W. Grand Ave.Montvale, NJ 07645 Other products:
Telephone: (201)307-5995
Fax: (201)307-5855
Web Site: www.pigments.comsvc/serv0027472
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