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Titanium(IV) oxide

About Titanium(IV) oxide

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Titanium(IV) oxide

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Titanium(IV) oxide


C.I. 77891; C.I. Pigment White 6; Titanium dioxide; Titanium Dioxide Anatase; Titanium Oxide; Titania; Titanium (IV) dioxide; Rutile; dioxotitanium; Titanium(IV)oxide; Titanium(Ⅳ)oxide; Tilac D; TiLox-Black; Pigment Black 35; Titanium Dioxide food grade; Titanium dioxide,rutile; Titanium dioxide,anatase; pigment white; titanium white; rutile titanium dioxide; anatase titanium dioxide; Anatase,oxid titanium



EINECS: 236-675-5;257-372-4;215-280-1;257-372-4
Molecular Weight: 79.8658
Molecular Formula: TiO2
Melting Point(℃): 1830-3000℃
Water Solubility: insoluble
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R20/21/22;R36/37/38;     Details
Safety Description:
 S26;S36; Details
Titanium(IV) oxide

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Quzhou Dongming Chemical Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Titanium dioxide

Address: No. 474-476, Longhua Road, Quzhou, Zhejiang, China Other products:

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Titanium dioxide

titanium dioxide

Zip: 324000
Telephone: +86-0570-3680055
Fax: +86-0570-3680602
Web Site: www.dm-chem.comAhg/hz37135

HANGZHOU GLORY CHEMICAL CO., LTD   Enquiry for Titanium(IV) oxide

Address: Room 427, Building 2, 31-1 Jiuhuanlu, Jianggan,Hangzhou, China Other products:

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Titanium(IV) oxide

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Zip: 300001
Telephone: 86-0319-2187889 86-18732988954
Fax: 86-0319-2187889
Web Site: www.glorychem-china.comAhg/hz37943

AI MU(Tianjin) Technology Development Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Titanium Dioxide

Address: NO.889 West of Zhanqian road,Hengshui city,Hebei Province,China Other products:

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Titanium Dioxide

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Zip: 053000
Telephone: 0318-8515455 8517756 8517755
Fax: 0318-6901266
Web Site: www.tjaimu.comAhg/bj38206

HOSKY GROUP LIMITED   Enquiry for Titanium Dioxide

Address: RM 1503,UNIT 2,BUILDING B6,738 XINHUA ROAD,WUHAN,CHINA Other products:

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Titanium Dioxide

Zip: 430000
Telephone: +86-27-85305818
Fax: +86-27-85305828
Web Site: www.hoskygroup.comAhg/hb52275

Hebei Wanye Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Titanium Dioxide

Address: Chemical Zone Shiliang Village, Gaoyi County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China Other products:


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Zip: 050000
Telephone: +86-311-80979217
Fax: +86-311-80979217
Web Site: www.hbwychem.comAhg/bj52544

Smart Chemicals Group Co. Ltd.   Enquiry for TITANIUM DIOXIDE

Address: Room 2702,Information Tower,1403 Minsheng Road,Shanghai,200135,China. Other products:

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Zip: 200135
Telephone: +86-21-33927743 33927342
Fax: +86-21-33927943
Web Site: www.hebeismart.comhg/db13482

Kingland Chemicals Company Limited   Enquiry for Titanium Dioxide

Address: Room No. 1806-1808, Jinfeng Mansion, No.281 Zhong He Zhong Road, Hangzhou, China. Other products:

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Astragahis P.E.

Atropine Sulfate

Zip: 310003
Telephone: +86-571-87211518,87229835
Fax: +86-571-87211508
Web Site: www.kinglandchem.comhg/hz13509

Hubei Phoenix Chemical Company Ltd   Enquiry for Titanium(IV) oxide

Address: B-5-28, Huangjinkou Auto Parts Town, Baiwei Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan, China Other products:

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Zip: 430000
Telephone: +86-27-51814473
Fax: +86-27-51352088
Web Site: www.phoenixchem.cnmember13519

Acroyali Holdings Qingdao Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Titanium dioxide

Address: A2,8/F.Flagship Tower,No.40 Hongkong Middle Rd,Qingdao, China Other products:

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Zip: 266071
Telephone: +86-532-86677827
Fax: +86-532-86677825
Web Site: www.aisonschem.comhg/sd13800

Panggang Group Titanium Company   Enquiry for titanium dioxide

Address: Sichun Panzhihua Other products:

titanium concentra...

titanium dioxide

ferrous powder

pelletized ore

Zip: 617063
Telephone: +86-812-6621179,6620463
Fax: +86-812-6620519
Web Site: www.tio2.com.cnhg/hz14476
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