CAS No: 112926-00-8;63231-67-4, Chemical Name: silica gel
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112926-00-8;63231-67-4 silica gel

product Name silica gel
Synonyms Dry silica gel; cataloid; the(r) desiccant; silicon dioxide pyrogene, high dispers; silver nitrate-impregnated silica gel; sulfuric acid-impregnated silica gel; sand; dry silica gel,high-effecienty; amorphous silica gel; gel & precipitated silica; silica, amorphous; silica, amorphous, precipitated and gel; silica gel desiccant; silicon dioxide, amorphous gel; amorphous silicadust; amorphous silicon dioxide; prep sep si; silicic acid, precipitated; colloidal silica; Silicon dioxide, amorphous gel in isopropanol; Silicasol; silica sol; silica solution
Molecular Formula SiO2
Molecular Weight 60.0843
CAS Registry Number 112926-00-8;63231-67-4
EINECS 231-545-4
Molecular Structure 112926-00-8;63231-67-4 silica gel
Density 2.6
Melting point 1610℃
Flash point 23°C
Hazard Symbols  Xi:刺激性物质‖T;
Risk Codes R20:吸入有害‖R37;
Safety Description S22:不要吸入粉尘‖S45 ;