CAS No: 8013-10-3, Chemical Name: Juniper Tar
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8013-10-3 Juniper Tar

product Name Juniper Tar
Synonyms Juniper tar; Cade oil; Juniper tar oil; Oil of cade; Cade; Cade [Italian]; Cade oil (Juniperus oxycedrus L.); Cade oil ractified; Cade oil rectified; Cade'; Cade' [Spanish]; Caparlem; Caswell No. 516; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 067203; Empyreumatic oil of juniper; Essence de cade'; Essence de cade' [French]; HSDB 1970; Haarlem oil; Harlem oil; Holland balsam; Kadeoel; Kadeoel [German]; Kaparlem; Oil of juniper tar; Oils, cade; Oils, juniperus oxycedrus wood; Oleum juniperi empyreumaticum; PIX Juniperi; Silver balsam; Silver drops; TAR Bath; Tilly drops; UNII-1Q84T0P2G3; Cade oil,rectified
CAS Registry Number 8013-10-3
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