CAS No: 16495-13-9, Chemical Name: Benzyl (S)-(+)-glycidyl ether
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16495-13-9 Benzyl (S)-(+)-glycidyl ether

Nom Benzyl (S)-(+)-glycidyl ether
Synonymes (S)-(+)-2-(Benzyloxymethyl)-oxirane; S-Benzyl glycidyl ether; (s)-o-benzylglycidol; (S)-(+)-2-(Benzyloxymethyl)oxirane; (S)-(+)-1-Benzyloxy-2,3-epoxypropane; (S)-1-Benzyloxy-2,3-epoxypropane; (S)-(+)-Benzyl glycidyl ether; (S)-Benzyl glycidyl ether; (S)-Benzyloxymethyl-oxirane; (+)-Benzyl (S)-glycidyl ether; (S)-(-)-Benzyl glycidyl ether; (+)-Benzyl-(S)-glycidyl ether; (+)-Benzyl-(S)-Glycidylether
Formule moléculaire C10H12O2
Poids Moléculaire 164.2
InChI InChI=1/C10H12O2/c1-2-4-9(5-3-1)6-11-7-10-8-12-10/h1-5,10H,6-8H2/t10-/m1/s1
Numéro de registre CAS 16495-13-9
Structure moléculaire 16495-13-9 Benzyl (S)-(+)-glycidyl ether
Densité 1.072
Point d'ébullition 130℃ (0.1 mmHg)
Les symboles de danger  Xi:Irritant;
Codes des risques R36/37/38:;
Description de sécurité S26:;