CAS No: 147411-69-6, Chemical Name: (E)-pyriminobac-methyl
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147411-69-6 (E)-pyriminobac-methyl

Nama produk (E)-pyriminobac-methyl
Sinonim pyriminobac methyl (E); Prosper
MF C17H19N3O6
Berat Molekul 361.35
InChI InChI=1/C17H19N3O6/c1-10(20-25-5)11-7-6-8-12(15(11)16(21)24-4)26-17-18-13(22-2)9-14(19-17)23-3/h6-9H,1-5H3/b20-10+
CAS NO 147411-69-6
Struktur Molekul 147411-69-6 (E)-pyriminobac-methyl
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