CAS No: 61-73-4;105504-42-5;121067-62-7;12262-49-6;1341-90-8;167498-52-4;6476-03-5;97130-83-1, Chemical Name: Methylthioninium Chloride
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the physical and chemical property of 61-73-4;105504-42-5;121067-62-7;12262-49-6;1341-90-8;167498-52-4;6476-03-5;97130-83-1, Methylthioninium Chloride is provided by

  ChemNet > CAS > 61-73-4;105504-42-5;121067-62-7;12262-49-6;1341-90-8;167498-52-4;6476-03-5;97130-83-1 Methylthioninium Chloride

61-73-4;105504-42-5;121067-62-7;12262-49-6;1341-90-8;167498-52-4;6476-03-5;97130-83-1 Methylthioninium Chloride

שם המוצר Methylthioninium Chloride
נרדפות C.I. 52015; C.I. Basic Blue 9; Basic Blue 9; Methylene blue; 3,7-Bis(dimethylamino)phenothiazin-5-ium chloride; Basic Blue 9; CI 52015; Methylene Blue anhydrous; Phenothiazin-5-ium, 3,7-bis(dimethylamino)-, chloride; 3,7-Bis(dimethylamino)phenazathionium chloride; Aizen Methylene Blue BH; Aizen Methylene Blue FZ; Bleu de methylene; CCRIS 833; CI Basic Blue 9; Calcozine Blue ZF; Caswell No. 567; Ceruleum methylenum; Chlorure de methylthioninium; Chlorure de methylthioninium [INN-French]; Chromosmon; Cloruro de metiltioninio; Cloruro de metiltioninio [INN-Spanish]; D And C Blue Number 1; D and C Blue No. 1; EINECS 200-515-2; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 039505; Ext D and C Blue No. 1; External Blue 1; HSDB 1405; Hidaco Methylene Blue Salt Free; Leather Pure Blue HB; M-B Tabs; Methylenblau; Methylenblau [German]; Methylene Blue (medicinal); Methylene Blue 2B; Methylene Blue 2BF; Methylene Blue 2BN; Methylene Blue 2BP; Methylene Blue A; Methylene Blue B; Methylene Blue BB; Methylene Blue BB (zinc free); Methylene Blue BBA; Methylene Blue BD; Methylene Blue BP; Methylene Blue BPC; Methylene Blue BX; Methylene Blue BZ; Methylene Blue D; Methylene Blue FZ; Methylene Blue G; Methylene Blue GZ; Methylene Blue HGG; Methylene Blue I (medicinal); Methylene Blue IAD; Methylene Blue JFA; Methylene Blue N; Methylene Blue NF (medicinal); Methylene Blue NZ; Methylene Blue Polychrome; Methylene Blue SG; Methylene Blue SP; Methylene Blue USP (medicinal); Methylene Blue USP XII (medicinal); Methylene Blue ZF; Methylene Blue ZX; Methylene Blue Zinc Free; Methylene Blue chloride; Methylene Blue chloride (biological stain); Methylenium ceruleum; Methylenum coeruleum; Methylthionine chloride; Methylthionini chloridum; Methylthioninii chloridum; Methylthioninii chloridum [INN-Latin]; Methylthionium chloride; Metiltioninio cloruro; Metiltioninio cloruro [DCIT]; Mitsui Methylene Blue; Modr Methylenova; Modr Methylenova [Czech]; Modr Rozpoustedlova 8; Modr Rozpoustedlova 8 [Czech]; Modr Zasadita 9; Modr Zasadita 9 [Czech]; NSC 215213; Rember; Sandocryl Blue BRL; Schultz No. 1038; Solvent Blue 8; Swiss Blue; Tetramethylene Blue; Tetramethylthionine chloride; UNII-8NAP7826UB; UNII-T42P99266K; Urolene Blue; X 138; Yamamoto Methylene Blue B; Yamamoto Methylene Blue ZF; 3H-Phenothiazine, 7-(dimethylamino)-3-(methylimino)-, 3-methochloride; Phenothiazin-5-ium, 3,7-bis(dimethylamino)-, chloride (1:1); 3,7-bis(dimethylamino)phenothiazin-5-ium; N-[7-(dimethylamino)-3H-phenothiazin-3-ylidene]-N-methylmethanaminium chloride; Methyltltioninium Chloride
מולקולרית פורמולה C16H18ClN3S
משקל מולקולרי 319.8522
InChI InChI=1/C16H18N3S.ClH/c1-18(2)11-5-7-13-15(9-11)20-16-10-12(19(3)4)6-8-14(16)17-13;/h5-10H,1-4H3;1H/q+1;/p-1
מספר CAS 61-73-4;105504-42-5;121067-62-7;12262-49-6;1341-90-8;167498-52-4;6476-03-5;97130-83-1
EINECS 200-515-2
מבנה מולקולרי 61-73-4;105504-42-5;121067-62-7;12262-49-6;1341-90-8;167498-52-4;6476-03-5;97130-83-1 Methylthioninium Chloride
מסיסות במים 40 g/L (20℃)
Hazard סימנים  Xn:Harmful;
סיכונים קודי R22:;
בטיחות תיאור S26:;