CAS No: 12638-07-2, Chemical Name: STELLITE
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12638-07-2 STELLITE

نام محصول STELLITE
مترادف Cobalt-chromium-nickel-tungsten alloy; 45VF; AMS 5382; AMS 5789; ANC 13; ASTM A567-2; Afnor K-C25NW; BS ANC 13; Co X-40; G-X5CoCrNiW55-25; HS 31; Haynes stellite 31; K-C 25NW; MAS 5382; PN 31H114; S 31; Stellite 31; Stellite 31 X 40; Stellite X40; UNS R 30031; Cobalt alloy, base, Co 48-58,Cr 24-26,Ni 9.5-12,W 7-8,Fe 2,Mn 0-1,Si 0-1,C 0.4-0.6 (astm A567-2)
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