CAS No: 1334-74-3;55073-41-1;89923-83-1, Chemical Name: Sodium glycerophosphate
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the physical and chemical property of 1334-74-3;55073-41-1;89923-83-1, Sodium glycerophosphate is provided by

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1334-74-3;55073-41-1;89923-83-1 Sodium glycerophosphate

نام محصول Sodium glycerophosphate
مترادف Sodium glycerophosphate anhydrous; 1,2,3-Propanetriol, mono(dihydrogen phosphate), disodium salt; 1,2,3-Propanetriol, mono(dihydrogen phosphate), sodium salt (1:2); Disodium glycerol phosphate; sodium hydrogen phosphate - propane-1,2,3-triol (2:1:1); disodium 2-hydroxy-1-(hydroxymethyl)ethyl phosphate; 1,2,3-propanetriol, 2-(dihydrogen phosphate), monosodium salt, monohydrate
میدان مغناطیسی C3H11NaO7P
وزن مولکولی 213.0788
InChI InChI=1/C3H9O6P.Na.H2O/c4-1-3(2-5)9-10(6,7)8;;/h3-5H,1-2H2,(H2,6,7,8);;1H2
شماره سیایاس 1334-74-3;55073-41-1;89923-83-1
تعداد کمیسیون اروپایی 215-613-0
ساختار مولکولی 1334-74-3;55073-41-1;89923-83-1 Sodium glycerophosphate
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