CAS No: 68090-88-0, Chemical Name: (S)-N-BOC-4-Chlorophenylalanine
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68090-88-0 (S)-N-BOC-4-Chlorophenylalanine

Nome del prodotto (S)-N-BOC-4-Chlorophenylalanine
Sinonimi Boc-L-4-Chlorophenylalanine; Boc-4-Chloro-Phe-OH; Boc-4-Chloro-L-phenylalanine; Boc-L-4-Chlorophe; Boc-Phe(4-Cl)-OH
Formula molecolare C14H18ClNO4
Peso Molecolare 299.75
Numero CAS 68090-88-0
Struttura molecolare 68090-88-0 (S)-N-BOC-4-Chlorophenylalanine
Punto di fusione 108℃ 
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