CAS No: 138-52-3, Chemical Name: D(-)-Salicin
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138-52-3 D(-)-Salicin

製品名 D(-)-Salicin
類義語 D-Salicin (1.05055); alpha-hydroxy-o-tolyl beta-D-glucopyranoside; 2-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl beta-D-glucopyranoside; White Willow Bark Extract; Salicin; 2-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl hexopyranoside; 2-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl beta-D-altropyranoside; 2-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl beta-L-glucopyranoside; 2-(Hydroxymethyl)phenyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside; White Willow Bark P.E.
分子式 C13H18O7
分子量 286.2778
InChI InChI=1/C13H18O7/c14-5-7-3-1-2-4-8(7)19-13-12(18)11(17)10(16)9(6-15)20-13/h1-4,9-18H,5-6H2/t9-,10-,11+,12-,13-/m0/s1
CAS登録番号 138-52-3
EINECSに 205-331-6
分子構造 138-52-3 D(-)-Salicin
密度 1.504g/cm3
融点 197-200℃
沸点 549.1°C at 760 mmHg
屈折率 1.638
引火点 285.9°C
水溶性 36 g/L (15℃), 250 g/L (60℃)
ハザードシンボル  Xi:Irritant;
リスクコード R43:;
安全説明 S24/25:;