CAS No: 1393-87-9, Chemical Name: fusafungine
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1393-87-9 fusafungine

製品名 fusafungine
類義語 Fusafungine [INN:BAN:DCF]; Fusafungin; Biofusal; Bioparox; Bioparox spray; Fusafungina; Fusafungina [INN-Spanish]; Fusafunginum; Fusafunginum [INN-Latin]; Fusaloyos; Fusarine; Locabiotal; S 314; Antibiotic obtained from cultures of a fusarium belonging to Lateritium Wr. section, or the same substance produced by any other means; Fusafungine
分子式 C29H51N2O8
CAS登録番号 1393-87-9
EINECSに 215-737-5