CAS No: 10099-76-0, Chemical Name: Lead monosilicate
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10099-76-0 Lead monosilicate

상품명칭 Lead monosilicate
별명 Alamosite; Basic Lead Silicate; Basic Silicate White Lead; Lead Bisilicate; Lead Frits; Lead Metasilicate; Lead Monosilicate; Lead-m-silicate; Lead Silicate; Lead White; Pigment White 16; Silicic acid (H2SiO3), lead(2+) salt (1:1); lead(2+) oxosilanediolate; lead(4+) bis(oxosilanediolate)
분자식 H2O3PbSi
분자량 285.2996
InChI InChI=1/O3Si.Pb.4H/c1-4(2)3;;;;;/q-2;+2;;;;/rO3Si.H4Pb/c1-4(2)3;/h;1H4/q-2;+2
cas번호 10099-76-0
EC번호 233-246-4
분자 구조 10099-76-0 Lead monosilicate
녹는 점 680-730℃
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