CAS No: 7789-69-7, Chemical Name: Phosphorouspentabromide
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7789-69-7 Phosphorouspentabromide

상품명칭 Phosphorouspentabromide
별명 Phosphorus pentabromide; Phosphorus(V) bromide; pentabromo-lambda~5~-phosphane
분자식 Br5P
분자량 430.4938
InChI InChI=1/Br5P/c1-6(2,3,4)5
cas번호 7789-69-7
EC번호 232-186-6
분자 구조 7789-69-7 Phosphorouspentabromide
위험성 표시  C:Corrosive;
리스크 규칙 R14:;
보안 규칙 S26:;