CAS No: 105590-97-4, Chemical Name: H-GLU(OBZL)-OTBU HCL
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105590-97-4 H-GLU(OBZL)-OTBU HCL

Naam product H-GLU(OBZL)-OTBU HCL
Synoniemen H-L-GLU(BZL)-OTBU HCL; H-L-GLU(OBZL)-OTBU HCL; L-glutamic acid alpha-T-butyl-delta-benzyl diester hydrochloride; L-glutamic acid alpha-T-butyl-gamma-benzyl-diester hydrochloride; L-glutamic acid gamma-benzyl ester alpha-T-butyl ester; glutamic acid(OBZL)-OTBU HCL; glutamic acid alpha-tert-butyl-gamma-benzyl diester hydrochloride; H-Glu(OBzl)-OtBu・HCl
MF C16H24ClNO4
Molecuulgewicht 329.82
CAS-nummer 105590-97-4
Moleculaire Structuur 105590-97-4 H-GLU(OBZL)-OTBU HCL
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