CAS No: 1314-13-2, Chemical Name: Zinc oxide
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1314-13-2 Zinc oxide

Naam product Zinc oxide
Synoniemen C.I. 77947; C.I. Pigment White 4; zincoxideheavy; flowers of zinc; zinc white; active zinc oxide; zinkoxyd aktiv; zinci oxidum; activox; activox b; actox14; zine oxide; zine white; zincoxide; actox16; actox216; ai3-00277; akro-zincbar85; akro-zincbar90; amalox; azo22; azo-33; azo-55; azo-55tt; azo-66; azo-66tt; ZNO; oxozinc; zinc oxygen(-2) anion
Molecuulgewicht 81.4084
InChI InChI=1/O.Zn/q-2;+2
CAS-nummer 1314-13-2
EINECS 215-222-5
Moleculaire Structuur 1314-13-2 Zinc oxide
Smeltpunt 1975℃
Oplosbaarheid in water 1.6 mg/L (29℃)
Gevaarsymbolen  N:Dangerous for the environment;
Risico-codes R50/53:;
Veiligheid Omschrijving S60:;