CAS No: 15962-47-7, Chemical Name: Ac-Ala-NH2
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15962-47-7 Ac-Ala-NH2

Naam product Ac-Ala-NH2
Synoniemen N-Acetylalaninamide; 2-(Acetylamino)propanamide; N-(Acetyl)alaninamide; Propanamide, 2-(acetylamino)-, (S)-; N-acetyl-L-alaninamide; N~2~-acetylalaninamide; N~2~-acetyl-L-alaninamide
MF C5H10N2O2
Molecuulgewicht 130.1451
InChI InChI=1/C5H10N2O2/c1-3(5(6)9)7-4(2)8/h3H,1-2H3,(H2,6,9)(H,7,8)/t3-/m0/s1
CAS-nummer 15962-47-7
Moleculaire Structuur 15962-47-7 Ac-Ala-NH2
Dichtheid 1.101g/cm3
Kookpunt 399.4°C at 760 mmHg
Brekingsindex 1.459
Vlampunt 195.4°C
Veiligheid Omschrijving