CAS No: 8063-14-7, Chemical Name: CANNABIS
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8063-14-7 CANNABIS

produktnavn CANNABIS
Synonymer Cannabis; Bhang; Cannabis extract; Cannabis sativa; Cannabis sativa extract; Cannabis sativa resin; Charas; Grass; Grass [Street Name]; Hasach; Haschisch; Hemp; Herb; Herb [Street Name]; Indian cannabis; Indian hemp; Marihuana; Marijuana; Marijuana extract; Marijuana tar; Marijuana, crude extract; Mary Jane; Mary Jane [Street Name]; Pot; Pot [Street Name]; Reefer; Reefer [Street Name]; SSC-85213; Skunk; Skunk [Street Name]; UNII-8X454SZ22D; Weed; Weed [Street Name]; DEA No. 7360
CAS-nummer 8063-14-7
Hazard symboler
Risiko Koder
Sikkerhet Beskrivelse