CAS No: 589-81-1, Chemical Name: 3-methylheptane
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589-81-1 3-methylheptane

Название продукта 3-methylheptane
Синонимы Methylheptane,97%
Молекулярная формула C8H18
Молекулярный вес 114.2285
InChI InChI=1/C8H18/c1-4-6-7-8(3)5-2/h8H,4-7H2,1-3H3/t8-/m1/s1
Регистрационный номер CAS 589-81-1
EINECS 209-660-6
Молекулярная структура 589-81-1 3-methylheptane
Плотность 0.709g/cm3
Точка кипения 118.8°C at 760 mmHg
Показатель преломления 1.4
Температура вспышки 11.1°C
Символы опасности
Риск коды R11:Highly flammable.;
R38:Irritating to skin.;
R50/53:Very toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.;
R65:Harmful: may cause lung damage if swallowed.;
Характеристики безопасности S16:Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking.;
S29:Do not empty into drains.;
S33:Take precautionary measures against static discharges.;
S60:This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste.;
S61:Avoid release to the environment. Refer to special instructions / Safety data sheets.;
S62:If swallowed, do not induce vomiting: seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.;
S9:Keep container in a well-ventilated place.;