CAS No: 118390-30-0, Chemical Name: Interferon alfacon-1
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118390-30-0 Interferon alfacon-1

Ürün Adı Interferon alfacon-1
Eş anlamlı A non-naturally occurring type-1 interferon having 166 amino acids produced by recombinant technique using a synthetic DNA coding sequence. As expressed in E. coli, the product is nonglycosylated and has an N-terminal methionine. N-L-Methionyl-22-L-arginine-76-L-alanine-78-L-aspartic acid-79-L-glutamic acid-86-L-tyrosine-90-L-tyrosine-156-L-threonine-157-L-asparagine-158-L-leucineinterferon alpha1 (human lymphoblast reduced); Advaferon; IFN-Con1; Infergen; UNII-56588OP40D; Interferon-alpha Con 1
CAS kayıt numarası 118390-30-0
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