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Magnesium trisilicate

Details for Magnesium trisilicate

Magnesium trisilicate



Magnesium trisilicate
CAS NO: 14987-04-3
EC NO: 239-076-7
Molecular Formula: Mg2O8Si3
Molecular Weight: 260.8617
Specification: BP/USP
InChI: InChI=1/2Mg.O8Si3/c;;1-9(2)7-11(5,6)8-10(3)4/q2*+2;-4
Packing: Plastic woven bag
Product description:
Name:Magnesium trisilicate Chemical formula:Mg2Si3O8’nH2O CAS NO. 14987-04-3 Magnesium trisilicate is a kind of fine, white powder without sand senses, no odor, no taste, with slightly moisture absorption. Magnesium trisilicate can be used as an antacid in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease. It increases the pH of gastric juice via a neutralisation reaction. It also precipitates colloidal silica, which can coat gastrointestinal mucosa conferring further protection. It can also be used in oral pharmaceutical formulations and food products as a glidant. It is also used therapeutically as an antacid, and also for the treatment of ciprofloxacin overdose or toxicity. Quality USP/BP Test items Specifications Acid-consuming 140-170ml/g Free alkali 0.1mol/L HCL≤1.0ml/g Chloride ≤500ppm Sulfates ≤0.5% Soluble salts ≤1.5% Heavy metals ≤30ppm Arsenic ≤8ppm Loss on Ignition 17.0%-34.0% MgO ≥29.0% SiO2 ≥45.0% SiO2/ MgO 2.10-2.37
Uses: antacids
Synonyms: Magnesium trisilicate anhydrous;Silicic acid, magnesium salt (1:2);Dicarbocalm;HSDB 589;Magnesium mesotrisilicate;Magnesium silicate (Mg2Si3O8);Magnesium trisilicate USP;Magnosil;Parasepiolite;Petimin;Silicic acid (H4Si3O8) , magnesium salt (1:2);Trisilicalm;Dimagnesium trisilicon octaoxide;Magnesium silicon oxide (Mg2Si3O8);Magnesium silicon oxide (Mg2Si308);magnesium hydroxy(oxo)silanolate oxosilanediolate hydrate (2:2:1:1);silicic acid (H_2_SiO_3_), magnesium salt, hydrate (3:2:1);dimagnesium 1,5-dioxotrisiloxane-1,3,3,5-tetrolate;
Molecular Structure: Magnesium trisilicate 14987-04-3
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