IGX Group, Inc.

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IGX Group, Inc.
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About us

Welcome to the IGX Group抯 website. IGX is a unique industrial gas company that focuses on the distribution and manufacturing of niche industrial process gas products as well on a limited number of specialty chemicals.

Additionally, IGX continually researches industrial gas related technologies, looking for significant value-added benefits to the users of these gases. IGX is an international company with customers worldwide. This global presence has honed IGX抯 ability to move various types of hazardous materials around the world efficiently while navigating the complex license requirements necessary to get certain products from country to country.

The IGX mission is to globally identify and commercialize market opportunities within the industrial gas and chemical sectors. Most of these opportunities exist as a result of imbalances within the supply chain or the absence of technologies to economically improve the movement of gas and chemical products. One of IGX抯 key strengths is its ability to access the resources to execute the various product strategies that support its mission statement.

Contact us
Web site:
490 Post St, Suite 1700, San Francisco, CA 94102-1308
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