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International Chemical Exhibition 2010

Global Chemical Expo is an invaluable reference guide edited by China Chemical Network. Since its debut in 2005, it has been handed out in free at over 80 world famous chemical exhibitions, and its total circulation is over 100,000. Global Chemical Expo provides companies with maximum exposure to the buyers of products and services for the entire global industry. It is widely used by industry leaders across the chemical industries and becomes an important means for sourcing by global buyers. China Chemical Network keeps following the policy “Do everything for chemicals, and Do it for chemicals’ everything” to serve all chemical professionals with specialized and qualified Global Chemical Expo as it has ever been doing. Furthermore, a newly designed digital version of Global Chemical Expo will be tracked into the CD of Online Chemical Resource and handed out with the handbook version of Global Chemical Expo. To browse the digital version, please run ChemExpo.exe, which is at root directory of the CD.

Exhibition Plan for 2008:

International Exhibition:
InformexUSA 2010
MECS 2010
ACS 2010
ChemSpec India 2010
CPhI Japan
ChemSpec Europe 2010
APCS 2010
6th Dye+Chem Bangladesh 2010
CPhI Worldwide 2010
Chemspec Middle East
(Vietnam) China Chemical Industry Exhibition 2010

Chinese Exhibition:
F-show 2010
Food Ingredients China 2010
9th China North International Special Chemical Expo(Qingdao) 2010
11th CWS2010
64th API China
CPhI & ICSE China 2010
FLUID 2010
10th ICIF China 2010
10th AgrochemEx
2010 The 5th PMC
ChinaCoat 2010
2010 Spechem China

ChemNet in Expos
informex USA
Chemspec europe
CPhI Worldwide
cphi japan
cphi china