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Equivalent DC-245

  Post Date: Oct 15,2020
  Expiry Date: Oct 15,2021
  Detailed Description: Silibase-5542 is a kind of colourless, odourless, non-toxicity, non-irritant dimethyl cyclosiloxane material, which has excellent volatility and solubility. And the one will get comfortable and warm feel when it is filmed on the skin. It has excellent compatibility with dimethyl silicone oil, ethanol, acetic ether and other organic solvent.

Product Name: Silibase-5542

Equivalent Product: DC-245

Typical Physical Properties:
Item specification
Appearance colorless、transparent
viscosity/(cp)25℃ 4.5~6.5
Boiling point (≥℃) 210
Flash point ℃ 90~100
Specific gravity 25℃ 0.955~0.960
refractive index nd25 1.3950~1.4050
Volatile(25℃0.5g located on 5×5c㎡qualitative filter paper≤h) 4.5
Freezing point ℃ ------

Solvent for some organic material,especially for dimethyl silicone oil.
The basic material in personal care, it can be used in antisudorific, remove odour agent,hairspray, facial washing milk, skin cream, emulsion, bath oil, sun screener,shaving cream, nail polish and so on.
Other undeveloped trade.

According to the different use, dosage should be from 5% to 100%.

Storage and Packing:
The product is easy to flammable, so use and package should avoid fire. And it is more easy to volatile with acid and alkali.
190 kg metal tube or plastic tube.

  Company: Jiande City Silibase Silicone New Material Manufacturer Co., Ltd.     [ China ]          
  Contact: Kobe
  Tel: 86 571 6453 7063
  Fax: 86 571 6453 7093
  Email: sales@silibasesilicone.com
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