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Phosphorus Pentoxide

Details for Phosphorus Pentoxide

Phosphorus Pentoxide


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Phosphorus Pentoxide
CAS NO: 1314-56-3
EC NO: 215-236-1
Molecular Formula: P2O5
Molecular Weight: 141.9445
InChI: InChI=1/O5P2/c1-6(2)5-7(3)4
Product description:
1. Synonyms: phosphorus anhydride
2. Molecular formula: P2O5
3. Molecular weight: 141.94
稩MDG classification and number:
   GB8.1 81063. The original iron regulation: an inorganic acid corrosive goods, 91034, UN NO.: 1807. IMDG CODE 8198 pages
   Phosphorus oxychloride and the raw materials metaphosphoric acid, acrylic acid esters, surfactants, dehydrating agent, desiccant, antistatic agents, medicines and sugar refining, analytical reagent.
稰hysico-chemical nature:
   Usually easy to deliquescence of a white crystalline powder. Density 0.9g/cm3,Sublimation at 300 ℃. Melting point 580-585 ℃. Vapor pressure 133.3Pa (384 ℃). Under the pressure when heated to high temperatures, crystal into amorphous glassy body, easy to absorb moisture in the air. Soluble in water and the white heat issue.
稴torage and transport conditions:
    Corrosive substances. Packing method: (Ⅱ) category. Stored in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse. And flammable, alkali storage isolation. Light carrying, dumping light to prevent damage to containers. Containers must be sealed to avoid moisture and rain. Leak to deal with: a good wearing gas masks and gloves, use baking soda or its equivalent in the low-alkali and lime mixture and evenly into the mud and gradually poured into a large number of water, and by the diluted sewage and waste water system Add.
稴helf-life: May to September can be stored for 30 days during the period; October to April can be stored for 60 days during the period; bucket can be stored in confined for 6 months.
?B>Specifications and quality indicators:
Chemical pure
Analysis pure
Specific class
Activity of R value
Restore objects(As P2O3)%
To clarify the test
Water Insoluble%
Total nitrogen(N) %
Heavy metal(As Pb) %
As %
Packaging Specifications: 20 kg woven bags
Synonyms: Phosphoric anhydride;Phosphorus(V) oxide;phosphorus pentoxidedessicant;Phosphorous Pentoxide;Phosphorus pentoxide 99+ % for analysis;diphosphorus pentaoxide;PhosphorusVoxideACSwhitepowder;Phosphorusoxidewhitepowder;Phosphoric Pentoxide;P2O5;tricyclo[,7~]tetraphosphoxane 1,3,5,7-tetraoxide;1,3-dioxodiphosphoxane-1,3-diium-1,3-diolate;Phosphorus(Ⅴ)oxide;Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5);
Molecular Structure: Phosphorus Pentoxide 1314-56-3
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