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Details for Sorbitol



Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO: 50-70-4
EC NO: 200-061-5
Molecular Formula: C6H14O6
Molecular Weight: 182.1718
InChI: InChI=1/C6H14O6/c7-1-3(9)5(11)6(12)4(10)2-8/h3-12H,1-2H2/t3-,4+,5-,6-/m1/s1
Product description:
Physical and chemical properties Color and smell state: Sorbitol is white hygroscopic powder or crystalline powder, flakes or granules, cool and sweet, odorless
Toxicity: non-toxic    Flammability: non-flammable
Density: 1.49  Volatility: non-volatile
Corrosivity: None Boiling point: 494.9℃ 
Stability: unstable at high temperature Melting point: 95℃  
Acidity and alkaline: neutral Hygroscopicity: moisture absorption  
Solubility: miscible with water, glycerin and propylene glycol, slightly soluble in ethanol and acetic acid
Uses Sorbitol Uses can be widely used as a raw material for the production of vitamin C, as well as a raw material for industrial surfactants. Sorbitol has moisturizing properties and can be used as a sweetener, moisturizer, chelating agent and tissue modifier in the food industry. Food additives, cosmetic raw materials, organic synthetic raw materials, humectants, solvents, chelating agents and stabilizers. .Synthetic resins and plastics, used as gas chromatographic fixatives, used as humidifiers for toothpaste, cosmetics, and tobacco. It is a substitute for glycerin, its moisture retention is milder than glycerin, and its taste is better. It can be used in combination with other moisturizers to obtain synergistic effects. Used as a diuretic dehydrating agent
Hazard category General chemicals
Fire-fighting measures This thing is not combust
Emergency treatment This substance is non-toxic
Packaging, storage, transportation Packed in aluminum or plastic drums, 30-200kg/drum, packaging specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, protected from moisture and heat. Store and transport according to general chemical regulations.
Synonyms: Clucitol;D-Glucitol;D-Sorbit;D-Sorbitol;Glucitol;Gulitol;L-gulitol;Sorbite;
Molecular Structure: Sorbitol 50-70-4
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