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Sodium Benzoate Inquire
CAS NO:532-32-1;   MF:C7H5NaO2
Main ApplicationsSodium Benzoate has been extensively used for many...
Benzoic Acid Inquire
CAS NO:65-85-0;   MF:C7H6O2
Main ApplicationsBenzoic acid is a mono-functional, romatic acid, w...
Benzyl Benzoate Inquire
CAS NO:120-51-4;   MF:C14H12O2
Main ApplicationsBenzyl Benzoate is mainly used in textiles, pharma...
Fumaric Acid Inquire
CAS NO:110-17-18;   MF:C4H4O4
Main Applications : this product has a fruit acid taste , maninly u...
O-chlorobenzoic Acid Inquire
CAS NO:118-91-2 ;   MF:C7H5ClO2
O-chlorobenzoic Acid mainly used as pharmaceutical material to prod...
DBE Inquire
CAS NO:95481-62-2;   MF:C21H36O12
DBEQuality standard(implement standardQ/CYLH001-2007)Item Specifica...
Dibasic ester Inquire
CAS NO:95481-62-2;   MF:C21H36O12
Dibasic Ester Quality standard(implement standardQ/CYLH001-2007)Ite...
Maleic anhydride Inquire
CAS NO: 108-31-6;   MF:C4H2O3
Maleic AnhydridePhysical and chemical properties: at ambient temper...
Potassium Benzoate Inquire
CAS NO:582-25-2;   MF:C7H5KO2
Main ApplicationsIt is widely used as food preservative , Antisepti...
Methyl Benzoate Inquire
CAS NO: 93-58-3 ;   MF:C8H8O2
Main ApplicationsMethyl benzoate is widely used as :1. Solvent for ...
Benzyl Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:100-44-7;   MF:C7H7Cl
Main ApplicationsBenzyl Chloride is an important raw material that ...
Benzaldehyde Inquire
CAS NO: 100-52-7;   MF:C7H6O
Benzaldehyde is a versatile building block in the synthesis of many...
Benzyl Alcohol Inquire
CAS NO:100-51-6;   MF:C7H8O
Main ApplicationsBenzyl Alcohol has a wide range of applications, s...
P-chlorobenzoic Acid Inquire
CAS NO:74-11-3;   MF:C7H5O2Cl
p-chlorobenzoic acid ; 4-chlorobenzoic acid is a white solid powder...
Benzyl Acetate Inquire
CAS NO:140-11-4;   MF:C9H10O2
Benzyl Acetate is used as a composition of perfumery (floral, fruit...
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