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Tri(2,3-dichloropropyl) phosphate

Tri(2,3-dichloropropyl) phosphate

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary

CAS NO : 13674-87-8
EC NO : 237-159-2
Molecular Formula : C9H15Cl6O4P
Main Specifications : flame retardant
Synonyms : Phosphoric acid tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) ester;TDCP;Tris(1,3-dichloroisopropyl)phosphate;Tris (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl)phosphate;Tris-(2-chloroisopropyl) phosphate;tris(1,3-dichloropropan-2-yl) phosphate;Fyrol Fr 2;
Tri(2,3-dichloropropyl) phosphate
Package: galvanized metal pail ,weight 250KG. Transportation: As a general chemical specification transportation
Molecular Structure:Tri(2,3-dichloropropyl) phosphate 13674-87-8
Product description:

Flame Retardants used in paint fire retardant Our  products are being exported to South Korea MOQ 1KG

,the United States and full compliance with international stands


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Main Market

Products are being exported to South Korea,  the United States and Germany, and in full compliance with international standards for the import and export.   


It is colorless transparent oily liquid , Specific gravity(20°C)1.504, Conversion raten n20D1.498, Flash point(open)251°C, Freeze point-6°C, Decompose temperature 230°C, solubility 0.01%(30°C), P 7.2%, Cl 49.4% ;soluble in ethanol and chloroform, insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon.


  Quality index :
Index name Value
Appearancecolorless or light yellow oily transparent liquid
Specific weight(d204°C)1.50±0.01
Refractive index(n20D)1.498±0.03
Viscosity(25°C,centipoise )1600-1900

It has good performance for fire retarding and plasticity. It can be used as fire retardant for PVC, soft or hard foam polyurethane, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, polyester fiber & rubber conveyer belt. Besides self-extinguishing character, it can impove other performances of product, such as water proof, element resistance, antistatic performance, soft feeling, dosage is 15-10% for soft or hard foam polyurethane, 10% in pvc, self extinguishing in 1 seconds, 5% for polyester fiber.Compared with other similar products, our product feautures low chroma, low acidity and low viscosity.

  Storage & packing :In galvanized metal pail , Net Wt. 250kg .
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