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Barium carbonate

Details for Barium carbonate

Barium carbonate


Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

Barium carbonate
CAS NO: 513-77-9
EC NO: 208-167-3
Molecular Formula: CBaO3
Molecular Weight: 197.337
Specification: main content:≥99.2%
InChI: InChI=1/CH2O3.Ba.2H/c2-1(3)4;;;/h(H2,2,3,4);;;/p-2/rCH2O3.BaH2/c2-1(3)4;/h(H2,2,3,4);1H2/p-2
Packing: Plastic woven bag of net 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag or 1ton/bag.
Product description:
Barium carbonate is a white powder. Barium carbonate is insoluble in water and soluble in most acids, with the exception of sulfuric acid. Barium carbonate has a specific gravity of 4.275. Barium carbonate is toxic by ingestion. Hazard Class: 6.1 UN/NA: UN1564 Packing Group: III Specific gravity: 4.43, Melting point : 1740(90 atmospheric pressure)
Synonyms: C.I. 77099;C.I. Pigment White 10;barium carbonate, natural;barium carbonate, other than natural;Barium Carbonate (Powder);Barium Carbonate (Low Sulphur);BariumcarbonateCaSrmeshwhitepowder;Bariumcarbonatewhitepowder;Barium carbonate,( 99.9%-Ba;Barium carbonate 99+ %;Barium Carbonate (free flowing);Barium carbonate,high purity
Molecular Structure: Barium carbonate 513-77-9
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