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Details for Cryolite



Catalyst and Auxiliary/Rubber Auxiliary Agent

CAS NO: 15096-52-3
EC NO: 239-148-8
Molecular Formula: Na3AlF6
Molecular Weight: 209.9402
InChI: InChI=1/Al.6FH.3Na/h;6*1H;;;/q+5;;;;;;;3*+1/p-6/rAlF6.3Na/c2-1(3,4,5,6)7;;;/q-1;3*+1
Packing: 25kg PP bag
Product description:
It is colorless monoclinic system crystal. Non-pure product is greyish white, light yellow, light red or black. Properties: M.P.: 1025°C; bulk density: 0.6-1.0g/L, true density: 2.95-3.05g/cm3; specific wt.: 2.75-3.00g/cm3, melting heat: 107KJ; slightly soluble in water, aqueous solution is acidic. Use: Mainly used as fluxing agent for aluminium electrolysis; also used as anti-wear additive for abrasive products; as flux for iron alloy and rimmed steel, as deoxidizer and residue eliminator for casting, as emulsifying agent for enamel, as opacifier for glass etc.
Synonyms: synthetic cryolite;Cryolite;EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 075101;Kryolith [German];Natriumaluminiumfluorid;Natriumhexafluoroaluminate [German];Aluminum sodium fluoride (Na3AlF6);Aluminum sodium hexafluoride (AlNa3F6);Aluminum trisodium hexafluoride;Trisodium aluminum hexafluoride;Sodium fluoroaluminate (Na3AlF6);Aluminate(3-), hexafluoro-, sodium (1:3), (OC-6-11)-;Aluminate(3-), hexafluoro-, trisodium, (OC-6-11)-;Trisodium hexafluoroaluminate(3);aluminum sodium fluoride (1:3:6);aluminum sodium hexafluoride;artificial cryolite;Sodium fluoroaluminate;Aluminum sodium fluoride;Sodium aluminum fluoride;Sodium Aluminum Fluorid;
Molecular Structure: Cryolite 15096-52-3
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