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Catalyst and Auxiliary

CAS NO : 155-04-4
EC NO : 205-840-3
Molecular Formula : C7H5NS2Zn
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : 2-mercaptobenzothiazole zinc salt;zinc 2-mercaptobenzothiazole;zmbt;2(3h)-benzothiazolethione,zincsalt;2-benzothiazolethiol,zincsalt(2:1);2-benzothiazolethiolzincsalt;accelerator(zmbt);bantex;bis(2-benzothiazolethiolato)-zin;bis(2-benzothiazolylthio)zinc;bis(benzothiazole-2-thiolato)zinc;bis(mercaptobenzothiazolato)zinc;hermatzn-mbt;mercaptobenzothiazolezincsalt;oxaf;pennaczt;tispersemb-58;usafgy-7;vulkacitzm;zenite;zenitespecial;zinc2-benzothiazolethiolate;zincbenzothiazol-2-ylthiolate;zinc bis(1,3-benzothiazole-2-thiolate);2-benzothiazolethiol, zinc salt (1:1);Rubber Accelerator ZMBT;Rubber Accelerator MZ;Accelerator MZ;ACCELERATOR ZMBT;ACCELERATOR ZMBT(MZ);
Molecular Structure:ZMBT(MZ)-LOW 155-04-4
Product description:

Chemical Name:Zinc 2-mercaptobenzothiazole
Molecular Formula:C14H8N2S4Zn
Molecular Weight:397.86
CAS NO:155-04-4

Item MZ(high M+)
Powder Oiled powder Granule
Appearance (visual inspection) Light yellow powder (Granule)
Initial M.P. oC≥ 200.0 200.0 200.0
heating loss %≤ 0.30 0.30 0.30
Zinc content % 19.0-23.0 19.0-23.0 19.0-23.0
Free M % 0.0-2.0 0.0-2.0 04.0-2.0
Residues on sieve(150μm), % ≤ 0.10 0.10 \
Residues on sieve(63μm), % ≤ 0.40 0.40 \
Oil content, % \ 1.0-2.0 \
Granule diameter, mm \ \ 1.5-2.5

Properties:Light yellow powder (granule) with a little bitter, no poison. The density is 1.70(20oC), the decomposable temperature is 300oC. Soluble in chloroform, acetone, partly soluble in benzene, ethanol, CCl4, insoluble in gasoline, water and ethyl acetate. Decomposion when meeting strong acid and strong alkali.
Application:ZMBT is mainly used together with ZDMC and ZDEC as primary accelerator for latex; can achieve higher modulus of valcanized latex. In addition, it can achieve good compressive deformation resistance without additional curing time. ZMBT will not affect the stability of latex.
Packing:25kg plastic woven bag, paper with plastic film bag, kraft paper bag, or jumbo bag.
Storage:The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight. The validity is 2 years

Warmth Notes: The product could be ultrafine powder based according to user needs.

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